Gruppled Pointer

Gone but Never Forgotten

04.23 / 11


WWE RAW, 4/21/14 (posted 4/22/14)
A week after their reunion, Randy Orton, Batista and WWE COO Triple H—collectively referred to as Evolution—stood in the center of the ring to declare themselves dominant and destructive as they’ve always been for years. Their goal was also to humble The Shield, but the Hounds clearly disagreed with that as they made their way to the ring. Evolution backed up the ramp, but the black-clad trio stood their ground in their yard and effectively stated they weren’t humbled or scared; they were just angry.

They headed up the ramp to get a piece of H, RKO and The Animal until the reunited trio were backed by the 11 men from last week’s handicap match, and The Shield backed off.

The last thing anyone should call that, however, is fear. These Hounds are hungry and about due for a snack come Extreme Rules.

"You know, like everybody here knows, The SHIELD, we are the meaniest, nastiest, dirtiest, most ruthless animals in this industry. These dogs are hungry, and now these dogs are angry!”

Unborn 8.0 Yellow Pointer